Can\’t Keep Calm Because I\’m Karting

Karting is a racing sport wherein an open motor attached with 4 small wheels, called Kart, is used to race. It has a long history in sports arena. It was invented by Art Ingels in 1956. Go Karting is popular among the rough and tough youth, who dares to take challenges with fun!

Kart Racing Formats

There are different variants of racing formats used depending upon the size of kart and other necessary details. Some of the prevalent formats are sprint races and this type of race involves elimination at the end of every lap. This format is in-demand and includes practice session, real game and the final play. The other is Enduro Races and they are a hit as they are competed to set records. This involves teams who come together to compete with their opponents, completing several laps in a given time frame.


• Banging and hitting kart is strictly prohibited.

• There is a zero tolerance policy of drug abuse.

• Customers with spinal and other bone related problems are warned not to race.

• Pregnant customers and customers under 8 are forbidden.

• If some problem arises, a team of specialists is present at the game area.

• People with heart/nerve problems are strictly forbidden to be a part of the game.


Different Karts are sold at different prices with other costs of game equipments.

Current Prices of the karts are:

1. Kids Karts – $2,995

2. Oval Karts – $2,800

3. Cadet Sprint Karts – $4,830

4. Touch & Go Karts – $8,145

5. Shifter Karts – $11,450

Other games equipments are also provided for safety. They are:

1. Helmet starting from $130.

2. Driving Suit from $75 -$158.

3. Neck collar starting from $26.

4. Gloves – $19.

5. Spare Parts – $100

6. Fuel – $50

So what are you waiting for? Hold yourselves and Say Go Karts!!


Driving karts can be fun and amazing for some, for others it may be tough and difficult. Here are some tips for a safe and fast race.

• Before beginning, get to know your kart and the type of racing format in which you are going to race. This will help in getting the specialty and weakness of the game.

• The hands should be quick enough to synchronize, and the eyes should be instant enough to see.

• A smooth drive is much better than a harsh drive. Try to race smoothly, as it will help in getting the pace faster.

• At turns, try to go as slow as possible, as most accidents happen at turn points. Slower speed will help getting out from the accident prone area/point.

• Ensure your safety before enrolling in the game as prevention is a lot better than cure.